Online Courses by CaLP

A Practical Guide to Market Analysis

e-learning | 3 hours 30 minutes | Árabe, Francés, Inglés | By CaLP

An online self-study course to develop a good conceptual understanding of the steps involved in market assessments and basic skills in how to apply this understanding in real-life settings.
This 3.5 hour online course is designed to provide future humanitarian market assessment team members with a solid understanding of the theory and steps of market assessments so that they can join assessment teams prepared with a basic understanding of what they will be doing and why. Learners will be guided through the common steps within market assessments, using a fictional emergency scenario as a basis. This course is relevant to most types of emergency market assessment, including EMMA, RAM, MAG, the 48-Hour Tool, the WFP VAM and PCMA.
This course is aimed at humanitarian workers with an understanding of market assessments. After completing the course participants will have gained a solid understanding of the theory and steps of market assessments.
Visit the Cash Learning Hub (free Kaya login required) for more learning resources:

Online Courses by CAMP

Introduction to the Minimum Standards for Camp Management

e-learning | 4 to 5 hours | English | By CCCM Cluster – Camp Management Working Group

This introductory e-course is for anyone currently working with and for children in humanitarian settings, as well as all child protection workers who want to prepare themselves for a potential humanitarian crisis.

Online Courses by DisasterReady

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Learning Resources (Curated Playlist)

Online learning pathway | Arabic, English, French | By DisasterReady

This collection of free resources from reputable health organizations such as WHO, CDC, KonTerra, and EJ4 will help responders of COVID-19 to work safely and promote infection prevention, preparedness and well-being during this pandemic.

Online Courses by HelpAge

HelpAge Jordan Learning Hub

Various | English | By HelpAge Jordan

HelpAge International established the Knowledge and Resource Hub to develop and provide training, and tailored adhoc support to local, national, and international organisations, private sector organisations, and government to mainstream older people in their policies and humanitarian interventions. This hub serves as a centre and meeting point for all project stakeholders to exchange experiences and best practices.

Online Courses by LEGS

LEGS Core Training Refresher Course

e-learning | English | By LEGS

The LEGS Core Training Refresher Course reviews the LEGS approach. This course will support your understanding in how to use LEGS in assessment and response identification as well as how to use the LEGS approach in response planning.

Ten Things You Should Know About LEGS

video | 5 minutes | Anglais, Espanol | By LEGS

Watch this video if you’re looking for a quick and lively introduction to LEGS: what it is, where it came from and who it’s for.

Online Courses by Save the Children

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Learning Pathway – Open Access

Online learning pathway | English | By Save the Children, Humanitarian Leadership Academy

The COVID-19 Learning Pathway aims to enable humanitarians, including local responders, to be best equipped to respond to the global pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Online Courses by Sphere Standards

How to use the Sphere Handbook

e-learning | 60 to 90 minutes | English, Espanol, Ukrainian, Ukrainien | By Sphere

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the Sphere Approach to humanitarian assistance;
  • summarise the contents of the Sphere Handbook;
  • apply minimum standards, indicators and guidance notes to challenges encountered by humanitarians;
  • reflect on how to use the Handbook to better assist people affected by crises; and
  • list sources of additional information to help you use the Handbook.

Online Courses by The Alliance

Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS) Introductory eCourse

e-learning | 4 to 5 hours | الإنجليزية | By The Alliance

Learn about the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) and how they can be applied in practice. Updated in 2021, this is a free, self-guided online course. It offers more than 10 learning modules introducing the CPMS, its principles and specific child protection standards. On finishing the core components, you may download and/or print a certificate of completion.

Child Protection Minimum Standards – Standards to Work Across Sectors

Video | 10 minutes | Arabic, English, French, Spanish | By The Alliance

Made for all humanitarians, this video focuses on the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action – Standards to Work Across Sectors for preventing and responding to the protection risks children face. By taking a holistic and multi-sectoral approach, we can achieve our collective responsibility to uphold the Centrality of Protection, and build stronger, more effective programmes that improve outcomes for every child. Visit the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action’s YouTube channel for this and other great training videos:

Introducing the 2019 Edition of the Child Protection Minimum Standards

Video | 6 minutes | Arabic, English, French, Spanish | By The Alliance

The Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) set out common principles and critical actions to keep children safe from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence — and to holistically support their well-being. They provide important guidance and standards for all humanitarians, including through the standards to work across sectors. Visit the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action’s YouTube channel for this and other great training videos: