Basic Principles of Disability Inclusion in Humanitarian Response


By sphere October 24, 2018

Select this e-learning to learn how to:

  • define disability, impairment and root causes;
  • identify the models of disability, from charity to the human rights-based model;
  • define the categories of impairments;
  • explain the challenges faced by older people and people with disabilities in humanitarian contexts, and factors increasing their vulnerability;
  • define older age and the perceptions of ageing and attitudes towards older people; and
  • improve attitudes towards people with disabilities.

Three e-learning courses: Comprehensive accessible humanitarian assistance for older people and people with disabilities, Understanding older people and their needs in a humanitarian context, and Basic principles of disability inclusion in humanitarian response, are available from the following site (in English and Arabic), along with core training materials to build into your own training materials to make them more inclusive:


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