A Practical Guide to Market Analysis


By admin February 13, 2019

An online self-study course to develop a good conceptual understanding of the steps involved in market assessments and basic skills in how to apply this understanding in real-life settings.


This 3.5 hour online course is designed to provide future humanitarian market assessment team members with a solid understanding of the theory and steps of market assessments so that they can join assessment teams prepared with a basic understanding of what they will be doing and why. Learners will be guided through the common steps within market assessments, using a fictional emergency scenario as a basis. This course is relevant to most types of emergency market assessment, including EMMA, RAM, MAG, the 48-Hour Tool, the WFP VAM and PCMA.


This course is aimed at humanitarian workers with an understanding of market assessments. After completing the course participants will have gained a solid understanding of the theory and steps of market assessments.


Visit the Cash Learning Hub (free Kaya login required) for more learning resources: https://kayaconnect.org/course/view.php?id=491


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